Dear Runners

As you know due to the pandemic we were obliged to postpone the 2020 event to 2021.  This message is only relevant to non-UK residents.  If you are resident in the UK or Ireland then there are no changes.

Having considered various options we have decided to make The Dramathon 2021 a UK-only event. We realise that this may come as a big disappointment to you but our decision is based on a number of factors.

Even though the situation has been improving in the UK the recent upsurge in cases due to the Delta variant is worrying. Although the Government may relax some measures in the coming weeks there is no guarantee that the situation will not worsen over the summer.

There is a strong possibility that various restrictions will still be in place for international travellers. These restrictions may impact flights and require mandatory quarantine for up to 10 days.

Our decision is also based on the fact that many of the restrictions can come into place quickly without much warning from the authorities – we do not want you to be in a situation whereby you have booked travel arrangements which then have to be cancelled at the last minute.

We have discussed the various options with local stakeholders in the community and our sponsors and the consensus is that it would not be responsible to bring large numbers of international travellers into Speyside. Clearly many international runners will be vaccinated but the vaccination does not stop people from carrying the virus and potentially infecting others.

We are therefore offering non-UK runners the option to either defer entry to October 15 2022 or you can withdraw from the event and we will give you a full refund. Please let us know which option you prefer by completing the google form. You MUST indicate your choice on the Google form (not via email of through social media) by 21st July 2021. If we have not received your decision by this date then your entry will be automatically deferred to 15 October 2022 and our normal Terms & Conditions will apply.

We are extremely sorry to have to take such measures but we have a responsibility towards our international runners as well as the local community that hosts us.

All the best,

The Dramathon team